Welcome to our DJ Marketing blog!

What kind of advice do we plan to provide?

This blog will be regularly updated with useful content on how to market yourself as a DJ. Not only will we be giving valuable ideas on marketing yourself in the real world but probably more importantly than ever is how to expand your fan base on a global scale online through the use of online DJ upload sites, social media, your own blogs and much more. From time to time we may also give advice on what kind of DJ equipment to look out for such as advice on headphones, mixers and DJ controllers as well as advice on DJ mixing software and other software to help organize your digital music library.

There is a huge amount you can do to get your DJ name known and our aim is to cover virtually every possibility through bite-sized chunks of information that you can take on board. Some marketing tips will be easy and maybe something you have done before in the past, some may be more involved and take time, effort and sometimes money, but if you are serious about becoming a DJ in an overcrowded market you should be prepared to go the extra mile and stand out from other aspiring DJ’s.

Who is this advice aimed at?

The information will be useful for any DJ or producer looking to expand or learn more, from novice bedroom DJs to the more experienced we are sure we can give some valuable information on what to do next in your search of fame. Sometimes the information we will provide may be something you have already done before, but the idea here is for you to get involved too and leave your own feedback and experience in our comments eventually creating a portal of well crafted marketing advice for DJ’s and producers.

What would you like advice on?

We have many topics we wish to cover over the course of time but if you have something specific that you think we could help with then please leave your comments below. We will be actively monitoring the comments section and promptly replying. Or if there is anything else you would like to reach out to us about please feel free!

Happy mixing everyone!

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