Should DJ’s use e-mail marketing lists?

Yes you absolutely need a mailing list! In today’s overcrowded market of DJ’s you need to be one step ahead of your competitors and having a list of contacts who want your latest mix, track or know where and when you are playing next is vital. E-mail marketing is a fantastic way to keep your fans engaged on a regular basis.

You can easily create a mailing list with many very simple to use online systems, most are completely free to get your off the ground too. One of the better ones we would recommend is mailchimp due to its ease of use and plenty of free email templates available. You can post up a link to your mailing list on your social media pages such as Facebook & Twitter too, it’s always a good idea to entice users to join your mailing list, and one way could be by offering them special promo mix only to people who join your mailing list.

mailchip-reportTrack how engaged your subscribers are

When using a dedicated mailing list service such as mailchimp they enable you to track the engagement of your broadcasts in terms of how many people opened your e-mail, what links they clicked within your e-mail and much more. This is valuable information and should be analysed on a regular basis, over time you see which emails spiked the most interest for example giving you an idea of what your subscribers respond to most.

Obviously building up an e-mail list is going to take time and may seem like a slow process, but give it time and keep at it and who knows how big your list could grow. Once you have a decent amount of subscribers this will probably be the most valuable marketing tool you could ever wish for.

How often should I send emails to my subscribers?

This is difficult to answer as one size does not fit all, but we would generally recommend broadcasting your newsletter two or three times per month, but try to avoid overusing it as it may become more of an annoyance to your subscribers which could lead them to eventually unsubscribing. You also want to keep the content of your e-mail newsletter fresh and updated, your readers don’t want to read the same information every other week over and over again. Offering links to your latest mixes is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged and like we said earlier, make available a special promo mix only available to your subscribers, this should keep them subscribing for years to come.

If you want to take that next step and become a professional DJ then you should be building email lists today, most people don’t bother so this is your chance to get ahead. Being a great DJ is only half of the job, getting a foothold in the market is just as important, more so than ever in this digital age with social media marketing at your fingertips. If you are new to marketing you may want to head over to our guide on basic DJ networking tips which is another starting point to building up fans and followers.

If you are already using mailing lists in your arsenal of marketing strategies please tell us about it we would love to hear how you are getting on, or if you have any questions please leave your comments.

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