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Should DJ’s use e-mail marketing lists?

Yes you absolutely need a mailing list! In today’s overcrowded market of DJ’s you need to be one step ahead of your competitors and having a list of contacts who want your latest mix, track or know where and when you are playing next is vital. E-mail marketing is a fantastic way to keep your fans engaged on a regular basis. You...

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Basic networking using online DJ sites

How to network with other DJs and music fans online It may sound simple to some but a lot of people just don’t bother or have maybe never thought to do it, it’s a simple process of interacting with other DJ’s who play the same kind of music that you do. You can interact in several ways including: Following / Friending...

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Welcome to our DJ Marketing blog!

What kind of advice do we plan to provide? This blog will be regularly updated with useful content on how to market yourself as a DJ. Not only will we be giving valuable ideas on marketing yourself in the real world but probably more importantly than ever is how to expand your fan base on a global scale online through...