Basic networking using online DJ sites

How to network with other DJs and music fans online

It may sound simple to some but a lot of people just don’t bother or have maybe never thought to do it, it’s a simple process of interacting with other DJ’s who play the same kind of music that you do. You can interact in several ways including:

  • Following / Friending them on House-Mixes, Mixcloud / Soundcloud
  • Listening to their mixes and leaving constructive comments
  • Add them as friends or follow them on social network sites

Following DJ’s on DJ networking sites

There are many websites similar to where you can find thousands of DJ’s, take some time out to find DJ’s who spin similar genre music to yourself that you like the sound of and follow / friend them, most DJ networking websites make this process pretty simple so you can build up a large list of DJ’s you want to follow pretty fast. You probably don’t want to go overboard and add thousands upon thousands as it’s probably best to keep this manageable.

Once you start following a DJ you will start receiving notifications when they upload new mixes, if you don’t get any notifications then check out your notification settings within the website you are using, at this can be turned on / off by clicking the User icon -> Settings -> Notifications as iilustrated here: Notification Settings


Once you get notifications this brings us to the next step…taking the time out to listen or at least skim through their mix to build up an idea on some comments you could leave for them…

Leaving comments on other DJ’s mixes

You may be wondering how leaving comments on other DJ’s mixes is going to help in your quest to begin networking, it’s pretty simple, sometimes you have to give a little to receive a little. You don’t have to listen to it in detail from start to finish but take the effort to listen to the transitions, how well each song blends and flows as mix, their use of effects and anything else you can think of, once you are done you are ready to leave your feedback.

When leaving feedback never just write one or two word comments such as “great mix” or “love this”, you may feel like you are giving praise but the DJ who uploaded the mix will appreciate a little more, and if you do so then this is your perfect opportunity to ask for them to come and check out your most recently uploaded mix, if you liked their mix then something along the lines of:

Hey great mix you have recently uploaded, I loved the opening track it setup the tone for the rest of the mix. It blended pretty well from start to finish however I thought the track in the middle was a little out of place, but other than that top work! If you get chance I would really appreciate if you could take a listen and leave some feedback on my deep house mix I uploaded yesterday on my profile. I’ll also be on the lookout for your next upload :-)

Leaving a comment like this praises the DJ with and lets them know that you have genuinely took the time out to listen to it, but it also picks out something that could have been improved or changed, even if it is personal taste, constructive criticism is mostly always welcome. You have also asked the other DJ if they have the time to take some time to listen to your mix. Not every DJ is going to jump straight onto your profile page and play your mix but if you can get a portion of the DJ’s you have started to follow to do this then you have achieved something.

If they like your mix or are like-minded and are looking to network then they will probably follow you back, they will then also receive notifications about your newly uploaded mixes and the cycle begins. Gaining regular comments and feedback by other DJ’s in your field on each of your mixes is a step in the right direction.

Extend your interactions to social media

social-media-iconsOnce you feel you have built up a relationship with the DJ’s you follow on DJ network websites then you may want to add them to your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc (you do have these already right?). Social networking is a fantastic way to build up a fan base, you can use them as a platform to send out news about your newest mix that you are really proud of and want people to hear.


Using social networking websites for your DJ marketing could take several posts on it’s own so I won’t go into great lengths of detail here, but I will say that you should maximize the huge potential of social networks for your DJ marketing and gather as many friends / followers as you can and post the link to them of your latest uploaded mix, most social network sites now also bring some very useful analytics / insights about each post you make too…again this is for another post.

What has your DJ networking experience been like?

We have given some fairly basic insights on how to get off the ground and do some basic networking with other DJ’s but we want to hear what you have done in the past which has helped you, or if you have any questions please feel free!

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